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Widow Maker "Who is making widows of the wives?"


"Widow Maker"

San Francisco Indieclub team production as part of the National Film Challenge 2004 created a great little spaghetti western called, "Widow Maker"! They won in 3 categories:
1.) BEST Western
2.) BEST Costumes
3.) BEST Shaving Incident ~ (Special Award!)

SFIndie Films 48 Hour Film Contest

Tagline - A vulnerable housewife must stop a gun showdown between her abusive husband and beloved sister.

Eleanor Bollinger has been an abused wife for many years. Her husband Frank has been killing all the men in town forcing their widows to work in the local Bordello. Eleanor's sister, Sally Parker refused to comply. Instead, she went to prison for the attempted murder of Frank and now that she has been released, she'll be coming back to town to finish off that dirty deed! But, Frank insists on killing Sally first. Can Eleanor stop this impending gun showdown between her abusive husband and beloved sister? Watch and see who the next "Widow Maker" will be!

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