Our Passion is New Technology and Progressive Politics
Current Clients and associates are:
Richard Esty Peterson, Patent Attorney

ENUF and CSFN, Political Actions
Madrina Group: Geologist, Environmental Specialist
Message artists: A number of musicians and artists that are inovolved in public discourse

Grassroots actions and events

Beaux Arts book on the art scene as it developed in Florida around Beaux Arts in Pinellas Park. What influenced Tom's dream and how it affected the art scene in Florida after WWII - Beat to Hip period.
Beaux Arts Book site

Other stories and media projects - PR Highlights

PR: Unauthorized Rolling Stones - publicist - "Unauthorized Interviews"
PR: ABI Productions - Press Kit for the film "Close Encounters"
PR: Blue Moose Films - Press Kit for the film "Liberty Bound "
PR: Scott Arey and The Particles - publicist - press kits for the Burst Show and "Inhumanity" CD Produced audio interview. Pro bono for John Ricker of Peaceful Streets "Guns into Art" as part of the "Burst" show.

PR Linda Seeger - pro bono helped with PR book-signing at Borders sponsored by DELA
Stories and reviews about musicians and the arts in San Francisco.

Karney review from the Funk Fest at the Paradise Lounge

LSD Lap Slide Day review - Freddie Roulette, (Blues slide master) met Bob Black, (Hawaiin slide master) and the audience discovered the joys of voting on their favorite guest vocalist, years prior to American Idol.

DIY Convention - "Promoting Films & Music" - Notes from the Red Devil Lounge

Graphic Arts Workshop - First Impressions of "Proofs of Life" - Show Review at Meridian Gallery that notes the group's historical Impact on the liberal arts scene arts in San Francisco, starting with the labor unions and moving on to the anti war efforts.

Current events and politics

I wrote a story that was picked up by sent to Bruce Bellingham of SF Examiner - "The Clock Tower". The Chronicle got involved as well.

Spec Article: Top Ten Ways You Know Your Neighborhood is going Down the Tubes sent to Examiner

Letter to the Editor - SF Weekly - "Thanks for clarifying the rumors about the PUC"

Junk Wars - HOW I Got Rid of The Junk

Covered the Bay Area Film Alliance Mayoral Forum

Lots of stories for and about the Bush election

Technical Edge

Wrote and edited copy for engineers. I am most interested in renewable energy projects.

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